Alicia Beta


I am an emerging artist local to Orlando, Florida. My work explores the relationship between expressionism and figuration. I love to use bright and vibrant colors with bold brush strokes to bring dimension to the surface of each piece.


Alicia Betancourt was born overseas in Germany while her father served in the US Air Force. She has lived many places and traveled the country. In her early career she was a licensed cosmetologist for 10 years where she had found her passion for counseling and helping people with their life issues. Alicia attended graduate school at the University of Central Florida College of Social Work. Currently, she works as a Medical Social Worker in a large Hospital Emergency Department. Painting has become her creative outlet and emotional release. Her inspiration derives from many artists and artworks including those of Voka, Dali, and Van Gogh.

Past Work

If you enjoy my painting style and would like an original piece for yourself please contact me via Facebook or Instagram.

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